General conditions of rental

Rates and terms of payment

To be valid, the reservation must be accompanied cumulatively by:

  • A deposit, equal to 25% of the rental price. By express agreement between the parties, it is agreed that this sum is paid as a down payment, and not as a deposit.
  • The initialled and signed rental contract.

The balance of the rental price must be paid, at the latest, one month before the date of the beginning of the stay.

If the balance is not paid, at the latest one month before the date of arrival of the tenant, we reserve the right to cancel the stay. In this case, the deposit will be returned to the tenant if the property is rented again on the same dates at the same price.

The price must be paid in full, in a single payment, on the day of the reservation if the reservation is made within a period equal to or less than one month before the date of the beginning of the stay.

All our prices are in Euros, all taxes included, and include all the services at your disposal, the rent and the rental charges.

The lessee undertakes to take possession of the premises at the dates and times fixed in the contract.

The keys will be handed over only after the payment of the deposit, the payment of the additional services reserved if necessary, and the visitor’s tax.

If the deposit is stipulated “cashed” on the present contract, it must be paid at the time of the balance of the rental one month before arrival.

The rental does not include:

  • The visitor’s tax (rate per day and per person depending on the property)
  • All additional services: airport transfers, ski equipment, ski passes and other options.Any bank charges to be paid by the client.

Terms and formation of the contract

We make an offer to rent, by any means and possibly by any form of advertising.

The rental contract is then only validly formed with our confirmation of the rental, we will intervene within one month of the payment of the deposit. If at the end of this period, we have not confirmed the rental, we will return the deposit immediately and the reservation will be considered null and void.


  • All cancellations must be notified by registered mail.
  • The date of presentation of the letter will determine the date of cancellation.
  • In case of cancellation by the tenant, the conditions below will be applied:
    • From the date of reservation to 61 days: the deposit is not returned to
      the tenant.
    • From 60 to 31 days: 75% of the stay will be charged to the tenant.
    • From 30 days and the date of arrival or no show at the beginning of the stay: 100% of the stay will be charged to the tenant.

Exceptional situation due to COVID-19 :

  • French resident: 100% refund if the resort of Val d’Isère is closed on the date of the beginning of the stay.
  • Non French resident: 100% refund if the French borders are closed (or if the Val d’Isère resort is closed on the date of the stay.
  • Guarantee 50 % within 30 days to 15 days before the start of the stay. If the borders of the country of origin (of the French non-resident reserving) are closed for the date of the stay. By published official decree.
  • the reservist must notify it to the reserving party (RCAR within the above time limit).
  • Guarantee 25 % within 15 days before the date of the stay, and until the provisional date of arrival then a possible refund of 25 % of the sums in the form of a credit note valid for the following season.

For any cancellation for which the reason would be motivated, and in the event of re-renting of the aforementioned goods by our care, the paid amount could be restored to the tenant, not being able to honour his contract. Any stay shortened or interrupted by the tenant will not give right to any refund.

If we were forced to cancel the stay in the accommodation provided, due to the actions of third parties or external circumstances such as the Covid-19, we will provide, if possible, accommodation of the same category, or a higher category, without additional charge. Otherwise, we undertake to reimburse immediately the full amount paid.


Insurance Cancellation insurance can be taken out for the stay. It will be subject to a supplement, the conditions of which will be sent to the taker on request if necessary.

All objects or personal effects belonging to the tenant are the tenant’s own responsibility.

Concerning the rented property, the lessee is responsible for any damage he has caused.
The lessee shall therefore be required to take out insurance with an insurance company against the risks of theft, fire, glass breakage and water damage.
And more generally, he must insure himself for the totality of his rental risks and the furniture rented, as well as for eventual recourse by the neighbours, and must be able to justify this at the simple request of the owner or his representative. Consequently, the latter decline all responsibility for the recourse that their insurance company could exercise
against the lessee in the event of a claim.

Security Deposit

Goods and chattels should only suffer depreciation arising from the normal use for which they are intended.
The security deposit shall be paid to cover any damage or loss caused to the rented goods.
The security deposit paid by the tenant will be kept until the counter-statement of the premises made by the agency after the client’s departure. It can be cashed.

We ask for a deposit of 15 000€ for the Chalet Orso.
We ask for a deposit of 10 000€ for Chalet Orca.

The security deposit will be paid no later than one month before the start of the rental period.

  • By bank transfer, according to the amount indicated on the particular conditions of the contract.

It will be returned within a maximum period of two weeks after the tenant’s departure, less the cost of repairing the premises if any damage is found.

If the security deposit is not sufficient to cover the costs due to the damage, the tenant undertakes to pay the balance on first request.

Concierge Services

An increase of up to 10% (on the price excluding VAT) may be added to our concierge services (taxi transfers, cleaning…).
The re-invoicing of services having a reduced VAT rate will necessarily lead to a change of VAT at the common law rate* except for services subject to disbursement.
*As of 01 January 2014, the common law VAT rate is 20%.


Certain additional services subject to reduced VAT are provided to you as part of disbursements. We are at your disposal to purchase for you the product or service (ski passes, ESF ski lessons) at a reduced rate of VAT from the company concerned. This is a reimbursement of disbursements on behalf of third parties and we do not have to charge VAT on the sums reimbursed by the principal. We do not charge a margin and the service is purchased at the public price displayed at the service provider’s cash desk.


Each tenant must report directly to the Chalets upon arrival.

The rentals start from 5.00 pm.

● Any late arrival, i.e. after 7.30 pm, must be notified to us beforehand so that we can make the best possible arrangements.
● We will not be able to organize an arrival after 11:30 pm.
● The tenant(s) are obliged to park in the private car park of the Chalet and not on the public road or in the local area.


  • On the day of departure, the accommodation must imperatively be vacated before 10:00 am, with the handing over of the keys.
  • Any delayed departure will be charged 1000€/hour per chalet.
  • The total settlement of the bill at the end of the stay must be paid, at the latest, the day before the tenant’s departure (i.e. Friday).
  • Any key, remote control or beeper not returned will be invoiced at the purchase price.

Duration of the stay

The length of stay is specified in the special conditions of this contract. Under no circumstances will the tenant be allowed to stay in the premises after this period, unless we have given our prior agreement, subject to an additional charge, which will be fixed in proportion to the price of the stay.

The latter declares on his honour that he does not exercise and does not seek to exercise any profession in the rental and that the premises which are the subject of the present contract are rented to him only as a temporary residence, major conditions without which the present rental would not have been granted.

State of the premise

The inventory and the inventory of fixtures, of entry and exit, will be carried out unilaterally by our care before the arrival and after the departure of the tenant. The said inventory of fixtures not being carried out in a contradictory way, the tenant will benefit from a 48 hour deadline to formulate any complaint. After this period, the rented goods will be considered as free of damage when he enters the premises.

Tenants’ Obligations

Use of the premises: exclusive use of seasonal furnished rentals.

  1. To occupy the rented building only for non-commercial purposes, which is privately owned. The tenant undertakes to use it only temporarily. This building will in no case be his or her main or secondary residence and the tenant will not carry out any professional, craft or commercial activity there.
  2. The lessee undertakes to take the rented premises in the state in which they will be at the time of entry into use as described in the descriptive statement of this contract.
  3. Occupy the chalet or apartment in such a way as to do nothing that could harm the neighbourhood. In particular, it must not create any nuisance, noise or any other disturbances.
  4. The lessee undertakes to use the furniture and objects furnishing the rented property for the use for which they are intended and in the places where they are located. He formally refrains from transporting them outside the rented premises.
  5. Occupy the premises personally and may not under any circumstances sublet them, even free of charge, nor transfer his rights under this agreement without the consent of the agency. He will have to live in the rented premises and will not be allowed, under any pretext, to store furniture, except for linen and small items.
  6. Keep the premises in good condition during the stay.
  7. Do not bring in any animals, except with our permission and for an additional charge.
  8. Notify us of any minor maintenance work that may have been carried out.
  9. Let us carry out any work that needs to be carried out in the obvious urgency, whatever it may be. If the work to be carried out is due to a deterioration attributable to the tenant, it will be re-invoiced to the tenant.
  10. The lessee is responsible for the destruction or deterioration of any object placed at his disposal, as an accessory to the Chalet, and for any damage that may be caused to the building and installations of any kind, due to abnormal use, in particular electrical and heating appliances, or the obstruction of the WC, washbasin, bathtub
    or sink by objects of a nature to block the drains. In the event of suspicion of damage, we will then have access to the rented Chalet to carry out all the necessary checks.
  11. In the event of renting in a building, the tenants will comply, as occupants of the premises, with the internal regulations of the building, of which they acknowledge having taken cognizance

Obligations of Mouton à Bascule

Mouton à Bascule undertakes to supply the building and its accessories, as described in the description received at the time of reservation and to respect the obligations resulting from this contract.


Any complaint relating to a service must be sent to us within 3 days of entering the premises.

The renunciation of the tenant to one or more services included in the package cannot be the subject of any reimbursement unless a prior agreement is made and in which case we will make it appear in the said contract.


This contract is established for a maximum capacity of:

  • 14 people for the Chalet Orso (that is 13 adults, 1 child (under 10 years old) and a cot).
  • 14 people for Chalet Orca (i.e. 12 adults, 2 children (under 14 years old) and the possibility of adding a cot).

Aimed at the particular conditions of the rental contract. The number of occupants must in no case exceed the maximum capacity.

In the event of unauthorised overflow, we may refuse to allow excess persons to occupy the premises.

Swimming pool

Our two Orca & Orso Chalets are both equipped with swimming pools, each with a safety system that complies with current standards.
A user and/or explanatory manual is given to the tenant who acknowledges it.


In the event of non-payment on the due dates or failure to comply with any clause of this undertaking, and eight days after formal notice has been given but has remained unsuccessful, we may demand the immediate termination of this agreement and the lessee must leave the rented premises by simple order of the judge in chambers.

Automatic data collection and freedoms

The information collected is subject to automated or computerized processing for the implementation of this contract.
In accordance with the law of January 6, 1978, the taker has a right of access and rectification to be formulated with the owner, responsible for the treatment. The modalities of implementation will be fixed by mutual agreement.

Value of the translation

This mandate is drawn up in French and translated into English for the benefit of English-speaking clients. Despite all precautions, in the event of a discrepancy resulting from the translation, the parties agree that the French language version shall prevail.