General conditions of rental

Rates and terms of payment

To be valid, the reservation must be accompanied cumulatively of:

• A deposit equal to 30% of the rental price. By agreement between the parties, it is agreed that this amount is paid as a deposit.
• The rental contract initialled and signed.

The balance of the rental price must be paid, at the latest, one month before the start date of the stay. If the balance is not paid no later than one month before the tenant’s arrival date, we reserve the right to cancel the stay.

In this case, the deposit will be returned to the tenant if the property is the subject of a new rental on the same dates at the same price.

The price must be paid in full, in a single payment, on the day of the reservation if the latter is made within a period equal to or less than one month before the start date of the stay.

All our prices are in Euros, all taxes included, and include all of the services available to you, the rent and rental charges. The client agrees to take possession of the keys on the dates and times set out in the contract.

The keys will only be handed over after payment of the deposit, payment of the additional services reserved, if applicable, and the tourist tax.
If the deposit is stipulated “cashed” on this contract, it must be paid at the time of the rental balance one month before arrival.

The rental does not include:

• Tourist tax (price per day and per person depending on the property)
• All ancillary services: airport transfers, ski equipment, ski passes and other options.
• Any bank charges payable by the customer.

Terms and formation of the contract

We issue a rental offer, by any means and possibly by any form of advertising.
The rental contract is then validly formed only with our confirmation of the rental, we will intervene within one month of paying the deposit. If at the end of this period we have not confirmed the rental, we will return the deposit immediately and the reservation will be considered null and void.


Customers are reminded, in accordance with article L. 121-21-8 12 ° of the Consumer Code, that they do not have the right of withdrawal provided for in article L. 121-21 of the French Consumer Code. consumption. This cancellation will become valid only after written confirmation from us.
• All cancellations must be notified by registered e-mail. (or email acknowledgment of receipt by the chalet manager)
• The date of presentation of the mail will determine the date of cancellation.
• In the event of cancellation by the tenant, the conditions below will apply:

In high season, it is to say for stays between the 19th of February 2021 and the 27th February 2022 :

  • If the cancellation occurs at least 91 days before the first day of the
    beginning of the stay: the deposit will be returned at 100% to the
  • If the cancellation occurs between 90 days and 60 days before the first
    day of the beginning of the stay: 15% of the rent will be charged to the
  • If the cancellation occurs between 60 days and 31 days before the first
    day of the beginning of the stay: 60% of the rent will be charged to the
  • If the cancellation occurs within 31 days or less before the first day of
    the beginning of the stay: 100% of the rent will be charged to the

In low season, it is to say for stays not included between the 19th of December, 2021 and the 27th of February 2022 :

  • If the cancellation occurs at least 61 days before the first day of the
    beginning of the stay: 100% of the deposit will be returned to the
    Tenant ;
  • If the cancellation occurs between 60 and 31 days before the first day
    of the beginning of the stay as mentioned in article 4: 40% of the rent
    will be charged to the Tenant;
  • If the cancellation occurs within 30 days or less before the first day of
    the start date of the stay as referred to in Article 4: 100% of the rent
    will be charged to the Tenant.

No Presentation
Any no-show will result in the automatic cancellation of the booked stay. The total amount of the stay is retained and is neither refundable nor transferable to another stay.

Early departure
Any stay started is due in its entirety.
In the event of early departure, the total amount of the stay is retained and is neither refundable nor transferable to another stay.

Exceptional COVID-19 situation out Europe:

In the following specific cases, flexible cancellation conditions have been put in place:
• Border closure of France or the customer’s country of origin
• Government instruction requesting the closure of the resort and / or the chalet

The customer will have:
• Full postponement of the deposit received for a stay in the same chalet, valid in the same winter season or for the winter season of the following year depending on availability. (no management fees apply)
• Full refund

We will not be able to offer you a full refund to the extent that one of the members present during the stay would not be vaccinated.

For any other reason, our general conditions of sale prevail.

For any cancellation, and in the event of re-letting of said property by us, the amount paid may be returned to the tenant, who cannot honour his contract.

Any stay shortened or interrupted by the tenant will not give the right to any refund.

If we were forced to cancel the stay in the accommodation provided, due to acts of third parties or external circumstances such as Covid-19, we would provide, if possible, accommodation of the same category, or of a higher category, without additional billing.

Otherwise, it undertakes to immediately refund the full amount paid.
If we were forced to cancel half-board services due to acts of third parties or external circumstances such as Covid-19, we would provide services of the same category, or of a higher category, if possible, without invoicing additional.

If we unfortunately will not be able to offer the services, we would immediately refund the reserving party of the full amount of the services not collected.

In all other cases the general cancellation conditions must be applied.


All personal items or effects belonging to the tenant are the latter’s own responsibility. Regarding the rented property, the tenant is responsible for any damage he causes. The lessee will therefore be required to ensure with an insurance company against the risks of theft, fire, broken glass and water damage. And more generally, he must insure himself for all of his rental risks and the rental furniture, as well as for the remedies of neighbours, and must be able to justify them at the simple request of the owner or his agent. Consequently, the latter decline all responsibility for the recourse that their insurance company could exercise against the policyholder in the event of a claim.

Security Deposit

The goods and movable objects must suffer only from the depreciation resulting from the normal use for which they are intended.

The security deposit is paid to cover any damage and damage caused to the rented goods.

The security deposit paid by the tenant will be kept until the inventory of fixtures carried out by the agency after the client’s departure. It can be cashed.

We ask you for a deposit of € 15,000 for Chalet Orso.
We ask you for a deposit in the amount of € 10,000 for the Orca chalet.
We ask you for a deposit of € 25,000 for the Orca & Orso chalets rented jointly.

The security deposit will be made at the latest one month before the start of the rental.

By bank transfer, according to the amount indicated on the special conditions of the contract.

It will be returned within a maximum period of two weeks after the departure of the tenant, after deduction of the cost of repairing the premises if damage was observed.
If the security deposit is not sufficient to cover the costs due to damage, the tenant agrees to pay the balance on first request.

Concierge Services

Services and work rhythm:
The partners, chefs or butlers are committed to perform the service according to the standards of the Chalets Orca & Orso by showing professionalism, discretion, efficiency, flexibility and absolute confidentiality.
A typical week begins on Sunday and ends the following Sunday. The service providers for the services listed below will each be present 70 hours per week, so 10 hours per day in order to meet the expectations of the clients.

Role of the chef :
Ensure the first supply of the property in drinks and ingredients necessary for the realization of the meals.
Greet guests on the first day with drinks and snacks appropriate to the time of arrival.
Run the daily errands according to the chosen menus and keep a record of the expenses.
Carry out the meals that have been agreed upon in advance. Provide clients with menu suggestions adapted to their expectations.

Role of the butler :
Prepare the property for the arrival of the clients.
Greet guests and bring in luggage.
Ensure the service of drinks and meals as defined in the contract.
Set up, serve and clear the table.
Ensure the stewardship of the property’s equipment.
Greet and communicate with outside contractors.
Ensure that the common areas are tidy.
Run errands as requested, beverages, pharmacy, newspapers…
Ensure the opening and closing of the chalet each day.

Role of the valet :
Provide transportation for guests from point A to point B
Greet guests by opening doors and assisting them with their luggage or other heavy items if necessary.
Demonstrate safe and responsible driving
Proficiency in one or more foreign languages (English is essential)
Ability to communicate in a professional, courteous and discreet manner
Smiling and pleasant
No talking if the customer does not want to. No radios during a ride unless otherwise specified and no phone calls during a ride.

An increase of up to 10% (on the price excluding VAT) may be added to our concierge services (taxi transfers, cleaning, etc.) The re-invoicing of services with reduced VAT rate will obligatorily result in a change in VAT at the common law rate * except for services subject to disbursement. * As of January 01, 2014, the common law VAT rate is 20%.


Certain additional services subject to reduced VAT are provided to you as part of disbursements. We are at your disposal to purchase the product or service (ski passes, ESF ski lessons) at a reduced rate of VAT from the company concerned. This is a reimbursement of disbursements on behalf of others and we do not have to subject to VAT the amounts reimbursed by the principal. We do not practice a margin and the service is purchased at the public price displayed at the service provider’s cash desks.


Each tenant must report directly to the Chalets upon arrival.

The rentals start from 5.00 pm.

● Any late arrival, i.e. after 7.30 pm, must be notified to us beforehand so that we can make the best possible arrangements.
● We will not be able to organize an arrival after 11:30 pm.
● The tenant(s) are obliged to park in the private car park of the Chalet and not on the public road or in the local area.


  • On the day of departure, the accommodation must imperatively be vacated before 10:00 am, with the handing over of the keys.
  • Any delayed departure will be charged 1000€/hour per chalet.
  • The total settlement of the bill at the end of the stay must be paid, at the latest, the day before the tenant’s departure (i.e. Friday).
  • Any key, remote control or beeper not returned will be invoiced at the purchase price.

Length of stay

The length of stay is specified in the special conditions of this contract. The tenant may not under any circumstances authorize himself to remain in the premises at the end of this period, unless we have previously agreed with us, for an additional price, which will be set at prorata to the price of the stay.

The latter declares on his honour that he does not exercise and does not seek to exercise any profession in the rental and that the premises covered by this contract are only rented to him as a temporary residence, major conditions without which this rental would not have been granted.


The inventory and inventory, entry and exit, will be carried out unilaterally by us before the arrival and after the departure of the tenant. The tenant will have 48 hours to make any complaint. After this period, the rented goods will be considered free from damage when entering the premises.

Non-solicitation of personal clause

The Orca & Orso cottages use service providers (chef, butler, valet) as well as a maintenance team (cleaning, concierge) in order to satisfy our customers and meet their needs.

Each service provider who intervenes in the chalets is forbidden to canvass our clients directly, for 24 months following the end of the service, under penalty of having to pay compensation equal to the amount initially paid for the service in question.

On the other hand, our clients are also forbidden to canvass the service providers we provide for 24 months following the date of the end of the service, on pain of having to pay compensation equal to the amount initially paid for the service in question.

Obligations of Tenants

Use of the premises: exclusive use of seasonal furnished rentals.

  1. Occupy bourgeoisly the rented building, which is owned by individuals. The tenant agrees to use it only temporarily. The chalet(s) will in no case be his main or secondary residence and the tenant will not exercise any professional, craft or commercial activity there.
  1. The lessee undertakes to take the leased premises in the state in which they will be found at the time of entry into use as they will have been described in the description of this contract.
  2. Occupy the chalet so as not to do anything that could harm the neighbourhood. In particular, it must not create any nuisance, sound or otherwise.
  3. The lessee undertakes to use the furniture and objects furnishing the rented property for the use for which they are intended and, in the places, where they are located. He
    formally refrains from transporting them outside the rented premises.
  4. Occupy the premises personally and may not under any circumstances sublet them, even free of charge, or assign their rights under this agreement without the consent of the agency. He must live in the rented premises, and may not, under any circumstances, store furniture there, except for linen and small items.
  5. Keep the premises in good condition during the stay.
  6. Do not introduce any animal, unless authorized by us and at an additional cost.
  7. Notify us of minor maintenance work he may have noticed.
  8. Allow the work to be carried out which must be carried out in an obvious emergency, whatever they may be. If the work to be performed is due to deterioration attributable to the tenant, they will be re-invoiced to the tenant.
  9. The tenant is responsible for the destruction or deterioration of any object placed at his disposal, as an accessory to the Chalet, and for any damage that may be caused to the chalet and to any facilities whatsoever, from abnormal use, in particular electrical and heating appliances or obstruction of WC, washbasin, bathtub or sink by objects
    likely to clog the pipes. In case of suspicion of deterioration, we will then have access to the rented chalet to carry out all the necessary findings.
  10. To park only on the property of the chalets so as not to annoy local residents.

Obligations of Le Mouton à Bascule

Le Mouton à Bascule undertakes to supply the chalet and its accessories, as described in the description received when booking and to comply with the obligations resulting from this contract.


Any complaint relating to a service must be sent to us within 3 days of entering the premises.
The tenant’s waiver of one or more services included in the package cannot be refunded unless previously agreed and in which case we would show it in said contract.


This contract is established for a maximum capacity of:
• 13 people for Chalet Orso
1st example: 10 adults, 3 children (and 2 people exceptionally a spare bed on the mezzanine).
2nd example: 8 adults, 5 children (and 2 people exceptionally on a spare-bed on the mezzanine)
• 14 people for Chalet Orca
1st example: 10 adults, 4 children
2nd example: 8 adults, 6 children

Referred to in the specific conditions of the rental contract. The number of occupants must
in no case exceed the maximum capacity.
In the event of unauthorized overtaking, we could refuse to allow excess people to actually
occupy the premises.

Swimming pool

Our two Orca & Orso Chalets are both equipped with swimming pools each with a security system in accordance with current standards.
A user and / or explanatory manual is given to the tenant who recognizes it.


In the event of non-payment within the time limits set or non-performance of any clause of this commitment, and eight days after the unsuccessful formal notice, we may demand the immediate termination of this agreement and the tenant must leave the chalet by simple order of the summary judge.

Computing and Freedoms

The information collected is subject to automated or computerized processing intended for the implementation of this contract.
In accordance with the law of January 6 of 1978, the client has a right of access and rectification to be formulated with the owner, responsible for processing.
The implementation modalities will be determined by mutual agreement.

Translation value

This mandate is drawn up in French and translated into English for the benefit of Englishspeaking clients. Despite all precautions, in the event of a discrepancy resulting from the translation, the parties agree that the French language version prevails.