Mouton à Bascule philosophy

In Mouton à Bascule’s mind, we are not just talking about luxury real estate… We are talking about the living environment, architecture, the buildings history and the art of living… As well as materials, craftsmen, know-how.

These are all the components that Mouton à Bascule endeavors to harmonize, to magnify; to get the most out of each of its properties and give, or restore, their badge of honour. That’s the heart of Mouton à Bascule’s know-how: discovering that extra something, that extra soul that makes all the difference and takes you to the most incredible dream.

“Mouton à Bascule does not just create or renovate exceptional places. Emphasizing purity, identifying and sublimating the essence of what gives each of our goods its exceptional character, this is the real heart of our business. It is a long-term job, a goldsmith’s work, made of observations, meetings and exchanges.
Beyond architectural reappropriation, it is about learning to listen to and respect what the place, its walls, and the surrounding nature have to say. This is how we try to make the most of it to truly ennoble each product. “

Johann Wurtz, CEO

More than premium real estate, it is an exceptional real estate experience, for rental or purchase, that Mouton à Bascule offers.
Our mission: to offer you an exceptional place, a place to meet, a place to relax, a place to marvel…

A place to live a waking dream.

Our vision and our values

Always dream higher

Thanks to a continuous process of improvement and remaining questioning, Mouton à Bascule can take advantage of being ahead of its time, and having a visionary conception of its trade.
So many challenges are to face in the future: economic challenges, environmental and climatic changes, human caring… Mouton à Bascule has the will to contribute, on its own scale, to meeting these challenges, by helping humans to reclaim space while being more respectful of nature and its environment.
Because the greatest luxury is to still be able to dream, in all serenity… Would it be possible in an environment that would not be preserved?

Ethical and environmental commitment

« What is the use of a house if we don’t have a habitable planet to put it on? »

Walden; or, Life in the Woods – Henry David Thoreau

It is because we truly believe in it that we are committed to adopting respectful practices. Whether in the constructive aspect, in the choice of our providers, in the selection of equipment or materials… The environmental impact is always a crucial criteria. We are also committed in promoting the know-how and the work of craftsmen, and in favoring suppliers who meet the demands and respect all the environmental and human specifications.

Respect for people

Respect nature to protect humans: more than a leitmotif, it is our ideal of entrepreneurship. Beyond our environmental awareness, we care for people, and know-how. We strive to be constantly listening to our customers, but also to the craftsmen with whom we work. Each link in the chain, whether it’s small or large, deserves the greatest attention from us: it is the guarantee of the high quality of our products.

Our commitments

Beyond words, our concrete actions of sponsorships and partnerships reflect Mouton à Bascule’s values. The company is proud of its commitments towards organizations and associations defending the projects and values that matter to us, in the fields of health, environmental protection and inclusion. Because it seems essential to us to value and make our immediate environment the first beneficiary of our activity, we are committed to support local initiatives and regional players.

Discover some of our actions and our partners:


The Association for the Protection of Wild Animals contributes to the preservation of wildlife by creating Reserves of Wild Life®, where no human activity is authorized, apart from non-invasive and respectful walks. Mouton à Bascule participated in the purchase of several hundred hectares of land to preserve biodiversity and its ecosystem: “Vercors vie sauvage”.

To know more: https://www.aspas-nature.org/reserves-vie-sauvage/vercors-vie-sauvage/

Fondation MMS

The Mothers of the World in Health Foundation’s mission is to reduce maternal mortality in Africa – around 500 women per 100,000 births, 30 times more than in France. Mouton à Bascule financially supports the foundation.

To know more: https://www.fondationmms.org/qui-sommes-nous/

De l’écrit à l’écran

Because we truly believe that culture is a strong vector of integration, De l’écrit a l’écran is an association aimed at promoting it, especially among young people. Mouton à Bascule is a partner of the association.

To know more: https://delecritalecran.com/fr

Local development through sports

Mouton à Bascule supports inclusion and education through sport, and acts through sponsorship actions with the Tennis clubs and Rugby clubs of the city of Montélimar, amongst others.


High quality and amazingness of our properties are internationally recognized. Orca Chalet et Orso chalet are each finalists of the World Ski Awards 2020.